For me, tapas restaurants are very cozy to have diner with friends. You can try lots of different dishes so you don’t have to choose for one main dish and you can share these small dishes with others. A Mexican tapas restaurant is even better since Mexican food is my favorite! Let me introduce you to ‘Cantina’, a Mexican restaurant tapasbar in Arnhem.
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Stichting Haarwensen

IMG_0275Are you also considering to get a new hair cut or just want to get a short hair cut? Think about donating your hair to a charity where they make wigs from real hair! I donated my hair, 30 cm, to ‘Stichting Haarwensen’.
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Cambodia in four days

Exploring the world is just amazing. A chance to go to a country where I’ve never been before is a chance what I will take … even though it is just four days! It was kind of unexpected to go to Cambodia and I wasn’t planning to leave Viet Nam when I was there but it just happened.
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Rituals Ancient beauty

Rituals ancient beautyRituals is the place to be for a lovely gift for a friend, a last minute Valentine’s day gift or if you just don’t know what to get for someone. I’ve received the ‘ancient beauty’ giftset as a gift and I must say the package is way too pretty to open the box.
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