Coffee & Coconuts

‘In a former cinema built in the roaring 20s – called Ceintuur Theater – now opens CT coffee & coconuts, a funky and fresh place for you to enjoy the buzzing energy of the city and breathe in the relaxing vibe of – what seems to be – your ultimate holiday break.’

CT’s Ice T
Black tea, orange agave, lemon and ice
The Harry Nilsson Fresh young coconut with lime on the side

Scrambled eggs avo Served on sourdough with miso paste, crumbled feta cheese, taggia olives, fresh avocado and drizzled with extra vierge olive oil
Coconut pancakes Almond & buckwheat flour, roasted coconut & topped of with red fruit compote, all sweet and stylish
Nicoise Fresh green beans, taggia olives, sweet red bell pepper, fresh boiled egg, crispy spinach, tuna and anchovy dressing
Quesadillas Mexican toasty with tortillas, old cheese, onion and sweet chilli

Coffee & Coconuts is such a lovely place in Amsterdam to have breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner. They have a lot of different dishes and drinks on their menu so it was very hard to choose from. My friend and I decided to share everything so we would know which one we liked the most for our next visit. I must say the coconut was a great decision to take and the salad! The pancake was a bit dry so I wouldn’t take that another time but the red fruit compote was delicious. The quesadillas were pretty amazing, love mexican food! Last but not least the scrambled eggs avo, it was good but I must say I expected more of this dish since everyone is talking about this dish. I will definitely visit CT again so I can try the other dishes as well. We also told each other to try out another salad next time because it was really good. Now I’ve tried the coconut… I would definitely come back to try the great quality coffee!


Coffee & Coconuts | Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam,

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