Chanel hydra micro sérum and hydra beauty crème review

IMG_0195Are you looking for a great serum and cream? Have you been researching for forever on google to find the perfect match or don’t you know which brand to choose? Well I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

If your skin can’t handle anything than this is the perfect post for you. For the past few years I’ve been trying different creams. From drugstore to high end brands but it never turned out well. If I forgot my day cream for a few days or even for one day my skin turned out pretty bad. This really got me annoyed but I’ve finally found a solution for my skin. Let me introduce you to the Hydra beauty micro sérum and the Hydra beauty crème from Chanel.

IMG_0210IMG_0222First of all I love the packaging and even the smell is wonderful. It was hard to get the sérum on picture but it has really small bubbles, so fascinated. Before I purchased this I tried testers from these products to make sure my skin was going to react well. Now I have been using these products for at least two months and my skin is getting better. (Having issues with redness and some dry facial spots after showers) Actually I have nothing bad to say about these products so I would definitely recommend these products if you’re interested in a hydration cream! If creams aren’t really your thing then they also sell a gel version of the cream. It’s the same but just a different substance maybe even better for the summer. If you already having a favorite day cream than I should really recommend you to look at the serum. It’s the most wonderful product I have ever used from all the serums I have tried. You can totally see results in a week! If you have any questions just let me know!


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