For me, tapas restaurants are very cozy to have diner with friends. You can try lots of different dishes so you don’t have to choose for one main dish and you can share these small dishes with others. A Mexican tapas restaurant is even better since Mexican food is my favorite! Let me introduce you to ‘Cantina’, a Mexican restaurant tapasbar in Arnhem.

IMG_0450IMG_0449IMG_0460IMG_0468IMG_0466IMG_0473IMG_0478IMG_0484IMG_0493IMG_0483IMG_0502IMG_0501IMG_0487IMG_0495IMG_0505IMG_0506IMG_0525At Cantina you can choose between two menus: all you can eat or à la carte. We decided to have all you can eat since we’ve been here before and we really enjoyed it last year. The dishes were different compare to last year but it is still very tasty. I will let the photos speak for themselves. This restaurant is very cozy and even the seats are close to each other. I really like the ambiance and you should definitely ask for a table at the window because you would have a wonderful view of the Rhine embankment. (Especially when it’s sunny) Don’t forget to take a dessert! Tip: choose Churros!

cantina | Rijnkade 59, 6811 HB Arnhem,

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