Cambodia in four days

Exploring the world is just amazing. A chance to go to a country where I’ve never been before is a chance what I will take … even though it is just four days! It was kind of unexpected to go to Cambodia and I wasn’t planning to leave Viet Nam when I was there but it just happened.

I must say it was a really short trip and I haven’t seen a lot of Cambodia but it was a nice impression of the country. I would definitely want to come back again to Cambodia and visit Angkor! If you are a fan of durian, yes that smelly fruit but such a tasty fruit, you should definitely try one in Cambodia. It’s been the best one I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that great in the first two days because it was really foggy so I couldn’t take a lot of pictures.

DSC03732Day 1 –
Going by bus to Cambodia isn’t that bad since the roads are great and if the bus is comfy. The only disadventage is time. It takes quite a few hours to get there so this trip did take four days but eventually you’re just in cambodia for three days. Enough to get an impression from this wonderful country. We got on the mountain where you could see Thailand and Viet Nam and saw the city.

DSC03757Day 2 –
At the end of the day of day 1 the weather got extremely bad. It was so foggy that I couldn’t even see our hotel, thansur bokor highland resort, where we stayed which is too bad since it is surrounded by a national park. The next morning (day 2) it was still foggy so I didn’t take much pictures. We explored thansur bokor park but unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy it that much because of the weather. I think it is definitely a must to come here when the sun is out shining bright!





More pictures/details coming soon about this trip!


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