Rituals Ancient beauty

Rituals ancient beautyRituals is the place to be for a lovely gift for a friend, a last minute Valentine’s day gift or if you just don’t know what to get for someone. I’ve received the ‘ancient beauty’ giftset as a gift and I must say the package is way too pretty to open the box.

‘‘Ayurveda originated more than 5000 years ago in India. This ancient philosophy is based on restoring inner harmony through the old practice of cleansing and nurturing your body and soul. Find inner harmony with our Ayurveda collection and beauty will come naturally.’’

This giftset contains body scrub, shower foam, shampoo and body cream. I think the package is really adorable and the color pink makes me even more excited about the products.


My legs are pretty dry and finding a good nourishing body cream is pretty hard. I always stick to the body cream of Vichy but after trying the honey touch I was extremely surprised. I’ve tried many body creams and none of them works except the one from Vichy but now I can add another body cream to my daily products! The Honey touch really makes my skin soft and well nourished. I also like the texture of the body cream since it absorbs quickly so my skin will not be so sticky.


The brown scrub is very interesting because the texture is like clay. For scrubbing your skin this product is alright.


This is my first time trying out a shower foam. In the beginning it’s a gel texture but then suddenly it starts to foam which makes it really nice. Foam above gel for sure!


It’s supposed to be a nourishing ultra-shine shampoo but I haven’t seen a difference so I guess it’s just a regular shampoo but it does complete the giftset.

The scent of this gift box is really fresh with a bit of a floral scent. I do like the giftset and the scent but I wouldn’t purchase the products again. The shower foam did make me curious about the other scents from rituals so I will definitely try another one.

♡ Happy Valentine's day! ♡

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