Vlaams Arsenaal

DSC02348After walking through the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, showing all the nice highlights of the city to my cousin from the United States with my parents, we decided to have lunch at Vlaams Arsenaal.

You can enjoy the best Flemish kitchen at Vlaams Arsenaal or just order nice drinks especially beer. Vlaams Arsenaal is known for their quality and hospitality where you can have lunch or wine and dine.

It was so cold outside that my parents and my cousin decided to have a warm lunch. My mom and my cousin ordered ‘grandmothers meatball’ and my father decided to order the old-fashioned chicken livers. For me, a big salmon lover, the club sandwich with smoked salmon was the perfect match. I think their lunch menu is very diverse so there will always be something nice on their menu for everyone.

DSC02355DSC02356DSC02357Club sandwich smoked salmon | cucumber, tomatoes, onions, egg, lettuce, cream cheese, capers, chips
Grandmothers meatball | Homemade meatball in grandmas’ gravy, bread, pickles
Old-fashioned chicken livers | toast, bacon, onions, mushrooms

I love the interior especially the marble bar. It is so pretty and so neat. I like the way it is still decorated with Christmas ornaments which makes it so cozy. Even though the ambiance was nice I love Vlaams Arsenaal way more in the summer because you can have a seat on their lovely terrace.

Vlaams Arsenaal | Arsenaalpoort 1-4, 6511 PN Nijmegen, vlaamsarsenaal.nl

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