A glimpse of Amsterdam

DSC02220Mission: See Amsterdam in less than 6 hours. Where do you go? What will you see? Is this enough?

My cousin from the United States came to the Netherlands to visit my family. We only had 6 hours for Amsterdam and in my view I accomplished my mission to see as much as possible. We arrived at the central station of Amsterdam which is a very nice building. From there on we walked to ‘Chinatown’ where we could see the Buddhism temple. Then we saw the red light district since we passed this on our way to the Oriental city, a Chinese (Cantonese) restaurant. I really like this restaurant because you can order dim sum very easily with the pictures next to the menu. After getting so full by so many dim sum dishes we walked back to the station passed the Dam to join the light festival. This week the boat tour would pass by art made out of lights instead of a regular canal cruise where they just show the highlights of Amsterdam. It was a pretty long boat tour but so worth it! My cousin enjoyed the tour a lot. After the boat tour we didn’t have much time so we took the tram and went to the ‘museumplein’ for the big I AMSTERDAM sign. At the museumplein you can also find the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum. Since we both ain’t a big art fan we decided to continue our trip trough Amsterdam because we didn’t have much time left. We walked to the ‘Rembrandtplein’ to see the statue of the ‘Nachtwacht’ and then walked to the Anne Frank house where we went inside. It was really strange to see how it looked from the inside in real life since we all have learned about Anne Frank in school and seen pictures. There were also a few short clips to see how it was like back in the days and we saw the survivors. I think this is really a must to see! After seeing quite a lot from Amsterdam we had to get back to the central station to get the last train to my hometown.


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