December is one of my favorite months because there’s lots of holidays to celebrate. Besides Christmas and New Year, we also celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ in the Netherlands. You can actually compare it to Santa Claus because Sinterklaas is also an old man with a white beard and he has ‘pieten’ who work for him instead of elves but the most important thing he also gives you presents!

Since this year I’ve joined a student society and our group consists of ten women. (DJC Querencia) We decided to celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas together (Sinterkerst) at Sabine’s parents home. First we had dinner together and after that we all had a poem for each other.
Then someone was knocking on the door… Guess who?! Sinterklaas and the ‘pieten’. In his book he had written down all of our stories if we were good or bad which made our evening so much fun! Sinterklaas also gave us a present: A mug with our clublogo. So sweet!

After Sinterklaas left we played a little game. We had to buy three small present: one lovely present, one funny present and one stupid present. With a dice we played the game. The rules were for the number of the dice:
1. Unwrap your present.
2. Swap your present with another present.
3. Grab a present from someone else and give it to another.
4. Exchange two presents from the others.
5. Give away one present of yourself to someone.
6. Grab a present from someone else and give it to yourself.
This was my first time to play this game and it was pretty hilarious. At first we didn’t know what was inside the presents since it was wrapped so it didn’t really matter which presents you had… but after some presents were unwrapped it totally became a game to get the nicest presents.

Sinterklaas was nice to celebrate and I’m already looking forward to Christmas my favorite holiday!


Photos by Sabine Scharwachter

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