Hotspot: Fika

DSC_0739Exploring is one of the most fun thing to do; going to places where you never have been before instead of going to the same place over and over again. So I discovered Fika, a Scandinavian lunch café in the center of Nijmegen.

Fika’s menu is about Smörrebröd. Smörrebröd is a sandwich with a lot of delicious Scandinavian toppings. The sandwich is a multigrain bread with a crusty crust and a soft inside. You’re supposed to pick two smörrebröd for a normal appetite but if you’re hungry three. You could also choose for a soup, salad, tösti or snacks.

I’ve decided to pick out three smörrebröd because I didn’t have breakfast and it was too hard to choose between all those different toppings. I chose the smoked salmon salad, Danish ‘Vitello tonnato’ and the marinated mozzarella. My friend (a guy) chose two smörrebröd which made me look like a big eater but that’s fine because I am. It tasted and looked so good!

Swedish shrimp salad | dill, crème fraiche, egg, trout eggs
Hummus | feta, sundried tomatoes

Smoked salmon salad | mustard seed cream, egg
Danish ‘Vitello tonnato’ | pork fillet, tuna dip, capers
Marinated mozzarella | fennel seeds, basil, cherry tomatoes, balsamic syrup

DSC_0776DSC_0775Also the Scandinavian interior was really nice; vintage and minimalistic. I really like the cactus plants, so cute. I would definitely visit again because I would love to try the other smörrebröd as well and their sweets! They had like different flavors of pie and muffins. So I guess I will see you soon Fika!

Fika | Van Broeckhuysenstraat 5, 6511 PE Nijmegen,

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