Let me take you to Kenya

Let me take you to KenyaIt’s been two years already… but it was so amazing and an experience which I will never ever forget: Kenya! In high school we could get an award for being outstanding in 4 elements: Culture, Sport, Study and Society. As a group we decided to go to Kenya as volunteers with CooP-Africa. Let me take you to Kenya through pictures.

CooP-Africa, Cycling out of Poverty, is a Dutch foundation what helps in Africa by using the bicycle. The bicycle gives excess to revenue, education and improves health care. A bicycle helps people to get faster to their destination and save time. Since a bicycle is typically Dutch this foundation really appealed to us. For one year we raised money and prepared ourselves for this project in Kisumu.

Since we stayed for two weeks in Kenya it’s quite a lot to write about. For our project we helped to paint a bicycle workshop, put bicycles together and visited two orphanages. In our spare time we spend our time as a tourist and enjoyed every single thing we saw.

All the locals were so lovely to us and very curious what we were doing here in Kisumu. They asked us questions or watched us painting because they found it really fascinating that we were working as volunteers. Even though the people have absolutely nothing they were so kind and always smiling. I’ve never seen anyone grumpy!

Another thing that has left a big impact on me were those schoolgirls. They were also working at the bicycle workshop. They filled a barrel with water so they could earn money to go to school.

We’ve also met Mama Sarah. She is the grandmother of Barack Obama. This was really a special experience and we spend like one hour and a half with her instead of fifteen minutes! (What was arranged for us) After that we went to the equator!

We went twice on a boat trip to see the hippos and tried twice to be at a Hippo point. That’s the place where the Hippos will be on land when it’s getting dark. Unfortunately, we had only seen the Hippos in the water. After the boat trip we had the most delicious dish ever! They caught the fish fresh and prepared it for us. Too bad I don’t know how this dish is called but I would totally recommend to try to this out!

DSC00174DSC00197The great rift valley and a tea plantation.

DSC00449DSC00472DSC00585DSC00555DSC00526DSC00582We also did a Safari and almost saw the big five. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the leopard. It was so amazing to see all those animals in real life instead on television. I would really love to go on a safari another time.

Pictures were taken by me but the professionals ones by Jan van den Heuij, our teacher who joined us on this trip.



4 thoughts on “Let me take you to Kenya

    1. Thank you! I don’t know other volunteering groups besides CooP-Africa. It is really a great foundation and I still like their projects. You should check out their site. The only struggle we had was that we had to switch to another project last minutes because there was some struggles with our first project. So I would really recommend you to check out the whole project and if everything is settled so that there can’t be a problem last minute!


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