Trip to Switzerland

TriptoswitzerlandMountains, watches, and chocolates… the best ones in Switzerland or at least that’s what people say. I had never thought of visiting Switzerland until my sister went there to do an internship. I was still looking for the perfect days to come over but instead my sister surprised me with a trip to Switzerland as my birthday gift! So sweet of her. I arrived at Thursday evening in Zürich where my sister lives and left on Sunday evening. I would like to share my trip with you all since we did quite a lot in those days and maybe this will give you ideas if you’re planning to visit Switzerland!

Day 1 – Interlaken and BaselJungfrauHarder kulmInterlaken
RijnMy sister took the day off so we could spend a long weekend together. We had a quick breakfast at the station in Zurich and took the train to Interlaken. A lot of people had recommended this place to my sister so it was also her first time here. We just walked through the city because it was so beautiful! You could see the mountains very good and there were a lot of people paragliding. Too bad we hadn’t enough time to paraglide but I will do this next time because Interlaken is such a beautiful place to do this activity. So instead of paragliding we went up the mountain ‘’Harder Kulm’’. Right after we took the train to Basel and went swimming in the river ‘Rijn’. We were taken by the flow of the river and could enjoy the sunset. After that we went to a food festival.

Day 2 – LucerneLucerne
LucerneLucerneThis day we also took the train and went to Lucerne. We did a city tour with a mini train which brought us to many different spots of Lucerne. After this tour we rented a paddle boat what I liked the most of this day. The weather was so nice and the view was so amazing!

Day 3 – ZürichZurichBaselThis day we went to the Uetliberg in Zürich. We took some nice shots and went to the city of Zürich. We didn’t have a lot of time this day because I had to leave in the evening so we decided to rent a paddle boat again since we all enjoyed it yesterday. The weather was so sunny that we decided to swim as well. Right after we went home so I could pack my bags and went to the airport.

Switzerland is such a beautiful country with breathtaking views! I would love to visit Switzerland another time to go paragliding or any other activity. I think this country is perfect for these activities since there is a lot to see!


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