Hazel ankle boots

DSC_0855I was so excited when I received my first purchase at Public Desire. After searching for days, weeks, months I finally found the perfect ankle boots.  Continue reading “Hazel ankle boots”


Let me take you to Kenya

Let me take you to KenyaIt’s been two years already… but it was so amazing and an experience which I will never ever forget: Kenya! In high school we could get an award for being outstanding in 4 elements: Culture, Sport, Study and Society. As a group we decided to go to Kenya as volunteers with CooP-Africa. Let me take you to Kenya through pictures.
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On top – Anna Nooshin review

Anna Nooshin - On topThis post is special for the Dutchies since her book is only available in Dutch. Before I started this blog, my friend and I were talking about starting a blog but we never did it. Then she bought Anna’s book and recommended it to me. At that moment Anna had a contest going on for winning her book! And guess who was one of the lucky winners… exactly ME!
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Trip to Switzerland

TriptoswitzerlandMountains, watches, and chocolates… the best ones in Switzerland or at least that’s what people say. I had never thought of visiting Switzerland until my sister went there to do an internship. I was still looking for the perfect days to come over but instead my sister surprised me with a trip to Switzerland as my birthday gift! So sweet of her. I arrived at Thursday evening in Zürich where my sister lives and left on Sunday evening. I would like to share my trip with you all since we did quite a lot in those days and maybe this will give you ideas if you’re planning to visit Switzerland!
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