First impression: Boohoo

Have you ever had to clean your closet and realized that you are in drastic need of new clothes? It happens to me all the time… So I’ve decided to change things a little bit. I wanted to change my wardrobe to basics so I could mix & match everything instead of wearing the same outfits all over again. Starting with this change I prefer to try a new clothing site because I always purchase clothes at Mango or Nelly. I’ve heard tons about Boohoo and decided to try Boohoo out.

The shipping costs are free if your order is 25 euro or above. This deal makes it really attractive to order for at least 25 euros. The delivery is quite fast to 3-4 working days. I was looking for some basic tops with natural colors because they are easy to combine and colorful tops makes me look like a little child. I must say they have a wide range of tops to choose. Ofcourse I wanted them all but since this was my first order I wanted to try a few before I order a lot. It also depended on my size because I wasn’t sure if I’m a XS or S / 34 or 36. Eventually I picked out four tops and one skirt all in size 34.

First impression Boohoo 1
Faith ribbed halter neck crop top – Navy
This is my favorite top I’ve ordered. I was really scared that the top wouldn’t fit me because it looked so tiny! Gladly it’s a stretch top and it fits perfect!

Alice bandage body form midi skirt – Black
I’m also wearing a midi skirt from Boohoo. Unfortunately, the cream color was sold out but I really like the details so I decided to get it in black.

First impression Boohoo 2
Lydia slinky high neck ruched sleeve crop top – Champagne
Champagne, so risky to purchase since the color can be different in real life but it was all good! I was hesitating to return this one since the top was a little bit too tight (size 34) but I think size 36 would be too loose.

First impression Boohoo 3
Jenny rib spaghetti strap vest – Grey
Simple grey top, couldn’t go wrong!

First impression Boohoo 4
Madison zip front scuba strappy peplum – Black
Anything with peplum I adore! Since my only black peplum top hasn’t been in a good condition anymore I needed a new one. Plus the fabric is great.

I ordered this on a Sunday evening and I got my package on Thursday, which is pretty fast. Every item was also individually packed in plastic with no damage. I would recommend to try out Boohoo if you haven’t already! I’m looking forward to my next order.


6 thoughts on “First impression: Boohoo

  1. Boohoo is great for basics! I know the feeling of opening up the cupboard – why does it feel like i have nothing to wear but there’s a whole bunch of clothes in front of me!



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