NSMBL FSTVL: une fête parisienne

NSMBL FSTVL 1Last week on Saturday I attended the NSMBL Festival hosted by Anna Nooshin. José and I were quite curious about this Festival and since we both like to watch Anna’s videos on YouTube we decided to buy tickets. Fortunately, we were one of the first who bought a ticket and that’s why we received a goodie bag!

The theme was ‘une fête parisienne’ which is extremely cute! There was a mini Eiffel tower and a swing carousel. The decoration really brought us to Paris. There were plenty thing to do on this day: Photo booths, illustrators, workshops to attend, food trucks, make-up/clothing/accessories stands and more!
I attended a master class about ‘happy & healthy lifestyle’ by Sanne van Rooij and Lisa Stel. They talked about vegan food and we got to taste three recipes: Acai bowl, chocolate mousse and chocolates with the taste of gingerbread. I’ve only tried the chocolate mousse but it was really good! After their class we received a goodie bag with vegan food and a product. It was a bit crowded to attend more workshops so this was the only one we could attend.

There was also a stand called SkinFitt where they had a skin analyzer. The result: Dry skin. They recommended their pills what is rich with echium oil, omega-6-GLA, vitamin A and E. I’m not sure if I believe in those pills so I haven’t purchased them but I might will after I have done some research.

My goodiesNSMBL FSTVL 4First of all this is what everyone received from the goodie bag.
– OPI: base coat, top coat & strengthener
– OPI: I sea you
– Proper corn: sweet coconut & vanilla
– Say yes to no: Sour cream & onion toasted bread chips
– Glass bottle with water from Costes
– Pink cocktail mixer with the recept of Cointreaupolitan
– Glamour magazine

NSMBL FSTVL 5And this is what I purchased: A face contour kit from Sleek, a setting brush from Real techniques and the sculpting brush set from Real techniques.

We also met Anna Nooshin who is a really nice and kind person. We took a picture with her and she signed her book for us. I haven’t finished her book yet but so far I can definitely relate myself to her stories. I might review this book so stay tuned!

My thoughts regarding the festival are pretty good. In the beginning I was kind of disappointed because it looked so small. I expected a way bigger festival but it was actually pretty big. There were so many things to do in one day that I couldn’t do it all! I’m very glad with my purchases, which I got with a huge discount. The people were nice and I had nice little chats with them while waiting in line. There were lots of different foods so everyone could enjoy their taste. I think I will attend this festival next year again!



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