First impression: Boohoo

Have you ever had to clean your closet and realized that you are in drastic need of new clothes? It happens to me all the time… So I’ve decided to change things a little bit. I wanted to change my wardrobe to basics so I could mix & match everything instead of wearing the same outfits all over again. Starting with this change I prefer to try a new clothing site because I always purchase clothes at Mango or Nelly. I’ve heard tons about Boohoo and decided to try Boohoo out.
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NSMBL FSTVL: une fête parisienne

NSMBL FSTVL 1Last week on Saturday I attended the NSMBL Festival hosted by Anna Nooshin. José and I were quite curious about this Festival and since we both like to watch Anna’s videos on YouTube we decided to buy tickets. Fortunately, we were one of the first who bought a ticket and that’s why we received a goodie bag!
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Welcome to my blog AND my first post! This will be my personal blog with my thoughts and interests. I wanted to do something besides focusing on the subjects of my study and I’ve always admired the persons who just started a blog out of nowhere and shared their experiences. The way they grow in life is just amazing to follow through these years. I wanted to create something like that too and I finally made the decision to just go for it and do it. So here I am, sharing my personal life but also my experiences with beauty products, food creations and more … like an online diary with extras! Continue reading “25 GET TO KNOW ME QUESTIONS TAG”